Imaginary lines

“Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do.” (John Lennon)

On Mr. Robot series one of its characters made a very true statement about how Capital controls the world. (Beware, it might have some spoilers).

Philip Price is a CEO of one of the largest multi-national conglomerates in the series fictional world: “E-Corp”. He uses his economic power to drive national (and global) public policies towards his company (and his) own interests – nothing very different from our reality.

His conglomerate controls a major corporation at almost every branch of the modern economy: banks, financial and insurance institutions, all sort of manufacturing plants, cable TV, media, the internet, supermarket, and so on…

A group of cyber activists and cyber terrorists were planning a coordinated attack to hack and destroy all E-Corp’s data records, whether physical or digital to break down all its empire. But that was not what happened since, as we usually say in Brazil, “The rope always breaks at its thinnest part“.  

E-Corp comes out even stronger creating its own currency (E-Coin), a cryptocurrency just like BitCoin, and imposing it to USA Government as means to control the global crisis – and obviously gaining more power.

At some point (Season 2, Episode 10) Philip Price asks an influential character to persuade United States’ ambassador to the United Nations to abstain his vote and see China annex the Democratic Republic of Congo. And it’s from this talk that comes the statement I was talking about:

Colby: You’re trading countries like playing cards!

Philip Price: Isn’t that what history is all about? Politically, economically, geographically… imaginary lines being drawn and redrawn, over and over again?

Imagine if borders were not imposed on people and they could roam free, just like Capital, companies and money already do? 

I guess some people would not be called refugees or asylees anymore since they could just freely come and go to wherever they could find a better quality of life.

Better still, imagine if people could choose which country borders should be stretched to cover the entire world?

I dare say that most of the people would choose to go to any of the nordic countries or stretch its borders. 

I leave here a quote from Pepe Mujica’s, former Uruguay president, speech at United Nations:

“… the crisis is the impotence of politics unable to understand that humanity is not lost nor will escape the sense of nationhood because it is almost in our Gene, but today is time to fight for creating a borderless world.

The global economy has no other focus driving itself than the private interests of a few and each National State wants its stability and continuity. Today the great task for all our people worldwide is the whole.


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