“Nationalist” Mindset

Earlier this year I read a tweet or a facebook post saying something like this: “whenever a conservative or reactionary person accuses an opponent of doing something bad or absurd, this would be something they themselves would be willing to do in the first place“. To summarize, they accuse others of doing what they are willing or wanting to do.

Why am I saying that? 

Because I started to pay attention to this mindset and then started to notice another curious trend, the “nationalist” mindset. I realized that those who call themselves “nationalists” are not nationalists at all. 

I might be wrong but I think we could say that Brazilian “nationalists” are much alike the Alt-right here in USA, and I guess what I’ll try to describe could fit the same kind of person of most countries. Of course, not all of them agree or are comfortable with the whole kind of “Alt-right agenda”, however we could say that their mindset follows the same pattern.

All over Brazil protesters went to the streets wearing green or the yellow shirt of the national soccer team asking for the impeachment of our former president, Dilma Rousseff. They used to call themselves the true Brazilian nationalists –  that’s why most of them wore yellow, green and were waving Brazilian flags.

(I don’t need to say that the “impeachment” was a coup d’etat, right? I guess we can trust the New York TimesBernie SandersGlenn Greenwald or Noam Chomsky on this!)

The sovereignty of 54 million votes disrespected and tossed in the trash like they worth nothing.

Most of them agree or are comfortable, for example, with the Proposal of Constitutional Amendment (PEC 241) currently in debate in our Congress. If this amendment goes through it will freeze public spending, for example, on health, education, and the minimum wage for the next 20 years. The PEC 241 has been called “The End of the World Amendment” since it will jeopardize several Fundamental Rights and Guarantees, compromise the welfare state and Brazilian people’s citizenship.

From this mindset standard behavior, I can say we could predict which people from our social medias bubble who would support the survey showing that more than 50% of Brazilians think that “a good criminal is a dead criminal“, as soon as it came out (Brazil has one of the world’s most deadly police force).

I’m not afraid to say it because they are the same people who say “Human Rights for the right humans“. They seem to hold no esteem for the dignity of the human person upon all the Human Rights are based. For them the torture and violence perpetrated by the State are means justified by their sick ends.

They were the same kind of people that got furious when Brazilian Congress approved a constitutional amendment granting the domestic workers (mostly house maids) the same labor rights as everyone else. It seems that they don’t think house maids are entitled to the social values of labor. It’s like house maids could not be considered as workers like everyone else, or they are some kind of second class workers not worthy of Labor Fundamental Rights and Guarantees.

Last but not least, their main political focus seems to be the eradication of Workers Party or anything/anyone that they think could be related to socialism, communism, leftism, bolivarianism… you name it!

They prefer a authoritarian military dictatorship than live in a free society and politically plural. Some of them usually say: “Go to Cuba If you’re not happy with our country!”. It’s like the country is not owned by its people, but only by a very distinctive group that share their  extreme conservative viewpoints.

For the Merriam-Webster a nationalist is a person who advocates “national independence or strong national government, an advocate of or believer in nationalism“. And defines nationalism as “loyalty and devotion to a nation“.

This is what we could expect from a person who calls himself a “nationalist“, right?

So, if the Constitution is a document which defines our country and is the “contract” that settles our social pact as a nation, we could say that a nationalist is someone that vigorously defends the Constitution, right?

Let’s see what our Constitution says:

Article 1. The Federative Republic of Brazil, formed by the indissoluble union of the states and municipalities and of the federal district, is a legal democratic state and is founded on:
I – sovereignty;
II – citizenship;
III – the dignity of the human person;
IV – the social values of labour and of the free enterprise;
V – political pluralism.
Sole paragraph. All power emanates from the people, who exercise it by means of elected representatives or directly, as provided by this constitution.

Ok, its enough to see that Brazilian “nationalists” got disaproved on the first artcile of our Constitution, and there are more 249 articles still to go…

How can someone call himself a nationalist if he/she doesn’t respect the foundations of their nation?


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